Sited Experiments


Spacious is a practice-based research

community which aspires to connect architects and spatial artists to their research and practice in a different way. What distinguishes Spacious’ approach is the emphasis on sited experimention. We find that, the inflexible categories of architect, artist, scholar and student, as well as the goal oriented work ethos that takes place in a sealed-off design office or faculty building, distance us from 'the real work in the real life'. Therefore we abandon the de-natured white lab coat approach to environmental research and design and welcome you to an all-hands

on immersion in and experimentation

with the world.

The main goal is to explore a meadow of knowing about sited awareness. Departing from the hypothesis of the embodied, enactive, extended, embedded and affective approach to cognition, we study the realm

of subtle realities that emerges from the reciprocity between organism and (built) environment. Through sited experimentation, that is through creations in the arts or design, we aim to support the ongoing research in

the arts, architecture and cognitive sciences   from the immediacy of the lived, moment

to moment, experience.


Participate and Collaborate 

Working with Spacious enables you to develop alternative rhythms for your spatial endeavors at the crossroads of architecture and art, academia and life. Projects run over multiple years and are presented across diverse media,

methods and milieus. To experiment is

not to know in advance and –more

often than not–to forget after the event. Therefore we start without a predefined plan to let curiosity-driven and

pro-active experimentation emerge

in correspondence with the site. 


Spacious is a nomadic community. Participants are held together by affinity rather than by any structure of membership or institutional hierarchy. 

We work by the principle of give-and-take, you are asked to contribute what you

can and take what you need. In order

to secure an interesting variety of influx

to the community, and provide a solid breeding ground for future research, we closely collaborates with the ArtScience Interfaculty in the Hague and the Ecologies of Architecture Research Group at the TuDelft. If you want

to collaborate, don't hestiate to leave

a message.