in Memory of Arakawa and Gins

November 2019 - current


ArtScience Interfaculty

Arakawa + Gins Tokyo office



Daily Research Exhibition (October 2020). 

Participants: Tamman Azzam, Flora van Dullemen, Jacob Wallet, Thorir Hoskuldsson, Max Baraitser Smith, Bjarte Wildeman, Kristján Stein, Thordur Hans, Finn Stevenhagen, Nina Luisa, Yujia Wu, Renske Maria van Dam, Cocky Eek, Anni Nops.


Still open for participation!




Departing from the work of artist- and- philosopher-turned-architects Shusaku Arakawa and Madeleine Gins we study the Architectural Body - the crucial bodily dimension that gives way to the emergence of our spatiotemporal experience - by means of procedural interventions. In the work of Arakawa and Gins architecture is understood as a creative tool to figure ourselves out and construct ourselves differently.  To further their philosophical implication’s and its impact on human life they designed architecture as so called procedural tools. Procedural architecture offers process-oriented speculations to the way our moving bodies and environment mutually form and extend each other. A functional tool, whether it be a hammer, a telephone, or a telescope, extends the senses, but procedural architecture examines and reorders the sensorium. To explore the Architectural Body Arakawa and Gins developed specific forms of ArtScience that they refer to as coordionology and biotopology. In this project we study and iterate on their approach as to examine and reorder the sensorium by means of procedural interventions.

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