Mapping Rythm

As result of the three year long project Movement Matters we will present our performance Moments of Ma at the Architecture Faculty of the TuDelft.On October 11th 1978 the exhibition Ma. Space-Time in Japan opened its doors in Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. In this exhibition, Japanese architect Arata Isozaki introduces the concept of ma to the European-American context by presenting nine spatial installations in which ma shows up in different modalities of Japanese thought and action. On October 11th 2018, exactly 40 years after the opening of the exhibition in Paris, we present an iteration on this exhibition at at the Intensive Cartography Mapping Rythm Seminar.

Participants: Ivan Čuić, Renske Maria van Dam, Flora van Dullemen, Cocky Eek, Zoë d’Hont, Þórir Höskuldsson, Anni Nöps, Sébastien Robert, Lianne van Roekel, Daan Loor and Victor Ynzonides