Walking Through Doorways

In October 2020 Spacious will host the workshop: Walking Through Doorways makes you Forget. Insprired by the scientific work of Gabriel A. Radvansky, Andrea K. Tamplin, and Sabine A. Krawietz we choose the architectural element of the door as our site for experimentation. Current developments in contemporary sciences sparks a general willingness to re-entertain questions on perception, experience and even consciousness. Recent studies have confirmed that walking through doorways causes forgetting. Based sensuous and conceptual exploration of the door we collectively wonder How do we respond to particular materials, textures, sounds and movements of the passage?’ and ‘How does walking diagonally differ from walking a straight line?’

This is a collaboration between students of the master INSIDE, the ArtScience Interfaculty in The Hague, Japanese performer Kenzo Kusuda, German artist Alexander Johannes Heil and Dutch architect Renske Maria van Dam.